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Yuri Choe is a filmmaker from South Korea, residing in Chicago, Illinois. She's been in projects ranging from narrative to experimental films. Her work embodies pure movement, color brilliance, and characterizations. Known for her subtle, lyrical storytelling, she constantly strives to sharpen her eyes to achieve a style of her own complexity in story depth. Her career also has seen her commercial works in branded, fashion, and music videos for the clients such as Calvin Klein, Hurom Korea and many others.

Her short films such as Enchanted Roses(2020) has won Grand Jury Award in New York International Film Awards(NYIF) and nominated for Charlie Chaplin Awards for Blow-up Chicago International Arthouse Film Fest. Choe completed her second film Leaving in Waves(2020) in the same year and won the Honorable Mention for Best Women Short in Independent Shorts Awards and Best Female Director in Montreal Independent Film Awards.

Her experimental films such as Sleep in the Image of Death(2020), and Skin and Blister(2021) have won Best Experimental Film for Berlin Shorts, Florence Film Awards, Venice Film Awards, and New York Independent Cinema Awards. Crumb and Crust(2020) has been nominated Best Experimental Film for Independent Short Awards(ISA), Indie Short Fest (ISF), Miami Independent Film Festival, and many more. Choe earned a B.F.A degree in emphasis on Film, Video, New Media, and Animation in May 2020.

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