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Dir by Yuri Choe


People speak in many different ways. Not many people say what they think or feel as they do. It’s often twisted, forgotten or recapitulated under their own subjectivity and dream as time goes by—just like a piece of bread, Crumb and Crust. From Crumb and Crust, I wanted to simply start from a nuanced, passive way of aggression we easily feel in our man and woman relationship, and one person’s own feeling over the time period.

Jake is a character showing this dilemma and ambivalence in a lyrical blend of time, voice, musical composition, pure movement, and performance. As a depiction of the inside and outside of a human, this film is a dance film without dancers and a dramatic romance without a partner.

CAST Dakota Evans, Angela Townsend, Lauren Melton
PD Mari Xiao, CAM OP Looloo Xiao, Yonatan Yin, Kishino Takagishi
MAKEUP Angela Chrisodoulou, SOUND MIX Vesper Guo, COMPOSER Yuri Kwag

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Independent Short Awards

Miami  Independent Film Festival, 2020
Indie Short Fest, 2020
Indie-X Fest, 2020


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