Dir by Yuri Choe


It is difficult for people from different backgrounds—wealthy, poor and in-between—to fit together. The world looks convenient and sophisticated just as it appears, but we individuals, tend to tighten or to be tightened by each other or institution we belong to. Amid this irony, repressing our limitless emotions and desire to cross the boundary of our social status also friendship, it is hard to point a finger at anybody against the ambitious parents behind the placid surface of wealthy school districts or a fight for survival rummaging the trashcan alone for own sake. Those are physically, emotionally and spiritually charged, just like ourselves. Keith Harvey is the young woman appeared as lost and misplaced in her career and relationship. She is slightly disenchanted and unfulfilled about her normals besides the two girls living in extremely different circumstances. But, she continues her life as she is laid to a giant puzzle, unsolvable, enchanted with a mystery of our secure but brittle life.

In the film, you will see the characters who quietly daydreaming, gently conversing with people, on the one hand, make explosive voice with fury, singing day and night, dancing alone over time. Enchanted Roses is an exploration between lyrical and realistic experience in cinema in order to tell the complexity between these most ordinary people the most subjectively on the basis of drama. The premise of the story is the character Keith, who seeks to be truthful to herself and her emotions, and the audience will discover the unrelenting examination in her own conscious.


Ann E. Nunez, Avery Murphy, Leslee Crisman, Lesley Kellerm Katie Callahan, Jacob Barnes, Nathan Ashley, Lauren Paige, Dorian Gongora
COMPOSER Laurentia Editha, EDITOR Yuri Choe, Blake Wang
MAKEUP/HAIR Natalie Costello, PD Mari Xiao
SET PROD Mackenzie Shelton, Yuxin Xiao, Qianchou Xie 
DOP by Luciana Salinas, AC Kelsey Neumann, Dana Olson, Taylor Brady,
GAFFER Yon Ziebarth, BBE Colton Weiss
G/E Mayank Sangmishra, Ethan Schoenborn 
SOUND MIX Jake Laukhuf, BOOM OP Linweiqiao Sheng, Faythe Watkins

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