Dir by Yuri Choe

assistant director Blake Wang
lighting design by Yonatan Yin
production design by Renee Hong
stylist by Angela Christodoulou
drone Mari Xiao
location Mickey Wozniak
paintings Cormac Steinbock, Lucca Colombelli

skin: blister (2021) is the progression of illusionary but suggestive fairy images of growth, richness in companionship, and vanity inside the protagonist Christine's mind. The film begins with an empty, confined room in which she'ss left alone.


Holding, to be Held (after Yuri Choe)
Oil on linen 48" x 24" 2021 AVAILABLE
By Lucca Colombelli

>>RSVP for a show, “Meaning and a Lack Thereof”
By Lucca Colombelli and Cormac Steinbock
2000 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago IL.
July 2nd through August 15th.

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